Boss Monster

3) Bait Phase


During the Bait phase, players have the chance to lure Heroes to their dungeons. Take the following steps:

1) Compare Treasure Values: Count the amount of treasure icons in each dungeon corresponding to each Hero in town. Add any modifiers from Room abilities or Spells.

2) Lure: For each Hero, the dungeon with the highest relevant treasure value lures in that Hero. The Hero moves to that dungeon’s entrance. (Place the Hero beside the leftmost Room in that dungeon.)

In the example above, the dungeon has 2 mage treasures () and if no other player has a higher number, The Fool will go to that players dungeon.

Tie: If no player has treasure of that Hero’s type, or if all players are tied, the Hero stays in town until the next turn.

Spell cards and Room abilities cannot be used during the Bait phase.

If multiple Heroes move to a player’s dungeon, they arrive in the order that they were revealed from the Hero deck. Once all Heroes are accounted for, the Adventure phase begins.

Pro tip: Bottlenecked Heroes

If no player has the highest treasure value for a given Hero, either because all players have zero or all players are tied, that Hero stays in town. On the next turn, new Heroes arrive as normal. If a tie is not broken, Heroes can really start to stack up in town! When the tie is broken, all relevant Heroes go to the “winning” dungeon, which means the stakes just keep getting higher. Manipulating the Bait phase to make sure Heroes come
your way is the key to success in Boss Monster!