Boss Monster

4) Adventure Phase


During the Adventure phase, Heroes “attack” dungeons, and players take turns contending with them. Players with Heroes at their dungeon entrances take turns as the active player (highest XP going first), following these steps:

Heroes Enter: Starting with the first Hero to arrive at an entrance to a player’s dungeon, that Hero begins to move through that player’s dungeon.

Rooms Deal Damage: As the Hero enters each Room, any Room ability takes effect, then the Room deals its damage.

Spells and Abilities: In each Room, after damage is dealt, players may play abilities or Spells marked with the Adventure (axe) icon. The active player’s effects are always resolved first.

Death: If a Hero exits a Room with damage equal to or exceeding its Health, it dies. Move that Hero to your scorekeeping area and place it face-down, adding its Soul () value to your total.

Survival: If you are not able to sufficiently damage the Hero (or kill it by other means) before it reaches your Boss, place it face-up in your scorekeeping area, adding its Wound () value to your total.

All killed or surviving Heroes are placed in the player’s scorekeeping area. Once all Heroes are proccessed, priority passes to the player with the next highest XP.

Pro Tip: Tracking Heroes

Sometimes, Hero sequence can be important. Heroes obey a “first in, first out” rule. To keep track of this, place each newly revealed Hero to the side of the deck. The closest to the deck should always be the one that has been in play longest. Once that Hero heads to a dungeon, slide the newer cards toward the deck to take its place. Remember, new Heroes continue to arrive in town at the beginning of each turn!