Several scenarios have been provided to allow you to experience War of the Ring – The Card Game in different ways:

— The Trilogy scenario is designed to be played by two teams of 2 players each (or fewer than 4 players playing in the same way) and provides the most complete game experience.

— The Two-Player Duel offers quicker setup and game play than the Trilogy scenario when there are just 2 players. The Three-Player Duel is a variant of this scenario, playable with 3 players.

The Fellowship of the Ring scenario is a short two-player game, great for teaching new players, or when time is limited.

The Trilogy, Two-Player Duel, and Three-Player Duel scenarios use every path and battleground included. The Fellowship of the Ring scenario only uses the location cards listed.

We recommend using the turn order tracker when you play the Three-Player Duel or the Trilogy scenario with less than 4 players. Use the side of the tracker matching the scenario you are playing.

Note that the decks are named after important characters from the story, but there is no other significance to the names.