War of the Ring: The Card Game

Battleground Combat Example



Galadriel ( + ) wielding Nenya, Ring of Adamant (), supported by an army of High Elves ().


An army of Mordor Orcs (), Gorbag & Shagrat (+), supported by an army of Olog-hai ().

There are 5 attack () icons, including Galadriel’s leadership icon. 2 icons () are canceled by the battleground defense icons (). The remaining 3 icons () must be canceled by eliminating defending cards.

The Mordor player eliminates both the Mordor Orcs and the Olog-hai. All attack icons have been canceled, therefore the Shadow wins.

All attackers are eliminated, Gorbag & Shagrat is cycled, and the Shadow adds Dol Guldur to its scoring area.

Saving the Olog-hai was not possible; if the Shadow had eliminated Gorbag & Shagrat instead, one icon would not have been canceled, and the Olog-hai would have ended up eliminated, too.