In the Trilogy scenario, in the Location step of the first round, the starting player selects a random path 1 card from among the three available.

On subsequent rounds, the path activated during the Location step is selected at random from among the path cards with a number one higher than the last path activated in the prior round.

For example, if the last active path on the prior round was path 5, any remaining path 5 cards are set aside, and a random path 6 is activated.

Only one path can be active at a time. If a card’s game text activates a path, the currently active path is replaced. However, before the new path’s activation text is resolved, combat is immediately resolved on the path being replaced — in the middle of the Action step! This combat is in addition to the path combat that will be resolved during the Combat step.

When a card allows you to activate a different path, you may choose among the eligible paths — it is not chosen at random.

Unlike battlegrounds, a specific path cannot be activated more than once per game. You cannot use a faction card’s text if it would require you to activate a path that has already been activated in this game.