The Commander () and The Destroyer () with Black Rider's Mount ().


Gimli () and Legolas () wielding Bow of the Galadhrim ().

There are three attack () icons. One of the icons is canceled by the path’s defense. Two more must be canceled. Eliminating Gimli would still leave one icon to cancel, so Legolas would be eliminated, too. Bow of the Galadhrim cannot be eliminated without eliminating Legolas (an item cannot cancel attack icons separately from its wielder). The Free Peoples player decides to eliminate Legolas and Bow of the Galadhrim to cancel both icons. Gimli is cycled. All attackers are eliminated.

The Free Peoples win the combat and add Egladil to their scoring area.

If Legolas and Gimli were not on the path, two corruption tokens and Egladil (face down) would have been added to the Shadow scoring area.