Helm Reavers

Axe Chief – Draw 2 Village Spoils cards and keep 1.
Fanatic – Draw 2 Keep Spoils cards and keep 1.
Favored Soul – Discard a red die to gain a red die on any side.
Flame Bringer – Discard 2 dice to gain a Wall token.
Lithsman – Gain 1 red die on its Helm side.
Pillager – Discard 1 die to gain a Farm token.


Raven Reavers

Grizzled Warrior – Discard a blue die to gain a blue die on any side.
Huskarl – Gain 1 blue die on its Raven side.
Freeman – Gain 1 blue die on its Hammer side.
Scavenger – Draw 2 Village Spoils cards and keep 1.
Seasoned Hunter – Gain 1 Food. You may discard 1 die to gain 3 additional Food.
Spear Chief – Gain 2 Food.


Tree Reavers

Hiromenn – Discard any die to gain the same color die on any side.
Keeper of Sagas – Gain 2 Glory.
Revered Seer – Discard 1 Favor to gain 2 Glory.
Scout – Discard a yellow die to gain a yellow die on any side.
Spakona – Discard 2 Favor to draw 1 Prophecy card.
Sword Chief – Gain 1 yellow die on its Tree side.