Reavers of Midgard

Playing a Round Overview


Whoever has the Start Player marker places their Longship pawn on an Action Location. Then, each player immediately activates the effects on any Reaver cards they have specialized in that action (see the Recruit Reavers section for additional details).

After activating the effects of Reavers, each player may activate the effect of the Action Location selected. The player who selected the Action Location gets a powerful bonus. The other players get lesser bonuses. Most Action Locations have a cost to activate. Any player taking the action must pay the cost. Instead of paying the cost and taking the action a player may opt to Rest. After each player has resolved the effect of a selected Action Location, the next player clockwise places their Longship pawn on a different Action Location, repeating this process. The round ends once four Action Locations have been activated.

This means that in a 2-player game, each player will place two Longship pawns, alternately choosing Action Locations. In a 3-player game, each player will place a Longship pawn, one at a time, in clockwise order. Then, the player with the Honor Ship pawn places it to select an additional Action Location.

At the end of a round, players refresh all the Action Locations by discarding any remaining cards and refilling the empty spaces as shown in the Additional Game Setup section.

Note: Players should place discarded cards face up on the bottom of their respective decks. If a deck runs out, the discarded cards should be shuffled to create a new deck.

Note: Each Action Location may only be selected once per Round.