Reavers of Midgard

Action Selection Overview


There are two different kinds of Action Locations, indicated by the color of their banner. RED locations provide an effect and also an additional bonus depending on player order. BLUE locations provide an effect that may be repeated a certain number of times depending on player order.

In either case, the cost for the location is indicated in the BLACK section on the left side of the Action Location graphic. Players must discard the indicated resources to the general supply if they wish to activate the Action Location. (Alternatively, they may Rest.)

The effects of each Action Location are described in detail in the linked Action Selection sections.

Note: The bonuses that players receive are based on their proximity to the active player, not on the order of activation. Meaning if the player 1 seat clockwise from the active player chooses to not to pay the cost and participate in the effect of the Action Location, the next player to pay the cost does not get the second player bonus.

Additionally, the bonuses described below apply to the 3- and 4-player game. In a 2-player game, the second player receives the same bonus the fourth player would receive in a larger game. This is indicated graphically on the 2-player side of the game board.