Reavers of Midgard

Trade with Villages


This Action Location has no cost.

The active player takes the Start Player marker.

Beginning with the active player and proceeding clockwise, each participant chooses from the available rewards a declining number of times.

The active player chooses 3 rewards. The second player chooses 2 rewards. The third and fourth players choose 1 reward.

The available rewards are as follows:
• 2 Favor
• 3 Food
• Any two dice available in dice slots at this Action Location. These dice are not rolled and are kept on the same face as when selected. (If all of the dice from this Location have been taken, you may not choose this reward.)
• A face-up Prophecy card (or a random Prophecy card from the deck)

Note: You may choose the same reward multiple times.

Note: If the player with the Start Player marker selects this Action Location, they must pass the Start Player marker to the next player clockwise.