Reavers of Midgard

Recruit Reavers


This Action Location has no cost.

All activating players gain 2 Reaver cards. Beginning with the active player and proceeding clockwise, each participant chooses a face-up stack of cards from the board or 2 random cards from the Reavers deck. The player who selects this locations gain 2 Favor. The other players receive no bonus.

For each Reaver card you take, also take the dice depicted in the top left corner of the card from the supply. Roll these dice and place them in free dice spaces on your player board. If you do not have space for any more dice, you may discard excess dice from your Player Board or discard some or all of the newly-rolled dice.

After collecting your dice, you must decide to use each Reaver card in one of the following three ways.

Rally – Take the dice depicted in the top right corner of the card and place them on your Player Board on a face of your choice. (Then, discard the Reaver to your Glory pile.)

Specialize – Slide the Reaver card underneath one of the four Specialize slots at the bottom of your Player Board until only the ability is visible. These abilities activate when any player selects the corresponding action space. You may Specialize a maximum of three Reavers in each action space. If all of your action spaces are full, subsequent Reaver cards you acquire must be Rallied or Promoted.

Promote – Place the Reaver card in the Leader space on your Player Board, and immediately take the bonus corresponding to their Clan - indicated by color and aligned with the Reaver’s Clan icon on the left edge of the card. If you already have a Reaver card in your Leader space when you Promote a new Reaver, discard the previous Reaver to your Glory pile.
• Promoting a Reaver provides you with 4 Food.
• Promoting a Reaver lets you draw either one Keep Spoils or one Village Spoils card.
• Promoting a Reaver provides you with 2 Favor.

In addition to providing an immediate bonus, Promoting a Reaver to Leader allows you to use any dice showing your Leader’s Clan icon as a Shield, Chest, Ship, or Single Hammer icon (indicated on your Player Board for reference).