Reavers of Midgard

Important Terms


Rest: Whenever a player cannot (or chooses not to) pay the cost to activate an Action Location, they must Rest. When a player Rests, they may take either 2 Food from the supply or 1 Crew die from the supply in a color of their choice and place it on their Player Board on a side of their choice.

Active Player: The player who is selecting an Action location. The “second,” “third,” and “fourth” players in Action Location descriptions are counted clockwise from the active player.

Glory Pile: Sometimes you will be instructed to discard a card to your Glory pile. This is a personal discard pile that will be relevant for end-game scoring. When you discard cards to your Glory pile, simply keep them face-down near your Player Board.

Cards discarded from your Player Board go to your Glory pile. Any other cards discarded should be placed face up on the bottom of their respective decks unless noted otherwise.