Reavers of Midgard

Battle at Sea


This Action Location costs 4 Food to activate.

All activating players attempt to win a Sea Battle. Beginning with the active player and proceeding clockwise, each participant reveals and resolves a Sea Journey card and then chooses a Sea Battle card to encounter (either one of the face-up cards or a random card from the top of the deck). The active player gains 2 Glory upon selecting this location. Other players receive no bonus.

Journey – Reveal the top card of the Sea Journey deck. Most of these cards give players the choice of paying the cost depicted in the top right corner or suffering the effect in the text box at the bottom.

Battle – Sea Battle cards may be resolved in two different ways. Sea Battle cards show a Defense value (in the Shield) and a combination of dice shown at the top of the card. To defeat the Sea Battle, you may discard the specified combination of Crew dice from your Player Board or you may attempt to defeat the Sea Battle in combat (see the Combat Rules section).

If you win the Sea Battle using either of the above methods, gain the rewards depicted at the bottom of the card then add it to your Glory Pile.

See the Combat Rules section for details on resolving battles.