Calculate Your Score


Calculating Your Score

If you managed to win, your final score is calculated based on the remaining resources you possess. Each remaining

resource (except Small Effort) has a point value:

Medium effort: 3 points.

Large effort: 5 points.

Cunning: 2 points.

Metal: 3 points.

Wood: 2 points.

Food: 3 points.

Treasure: 10 points.

After totaling your points, check the scale below to see how impressive your victory was!

0: Prey

1-10: Castoff

11-20: Survivor

21-30: Avenger

31-40: Revenant

41+: Nemesis

Use the scoring pad that comes with the game to keep track of your scores. The Achievement sheet allows you to strive for especially impressive feats once you mastered the game.