Monster turn


During the monster’s turn in combat, you will roll the six-sided die to determine what action the monster will take. This is known as the monster’s combat roll. Consult the Combat Actions table on the monster sheet and apply the monster effect that matches the die roll.


Defend effects allow monsters to ignore your next attack. This applies to attacks made with Weapons only, not to actions that inflict Wounds. The effect remains in place until the next time you perform an attack, possibly lasting several rounds. Additional Defend effects do not stack and are ignored.

Certain Skills and Character Abilities will allow you to manipulate the monster’s combat rolls or mitigate the consequences of the monster’s Attacks. Regardless of modifications the roll result cannot exceed “6” or fall below “1”.

If a monster effect cannot be applied (most likely because you don’t have the resource you are instructed to lose), apply the alternative effect (listed in brackets) instead. If there’s no alternative effect, nothing happens.

If a monster effect would cause you to gain a Condition you have already gained for the next Level, re-roll it. If it would cause you to immediately gain a Condition you already have — extend the duration of the Condition by the number of turns.

If a monster effect causes you to lose Time, adjust the token on your Time Tracker accordingly — you’ll have that much less Time in the next Level.

If a card in play allows you to ignore a specific type of monster action (like Wound or Steal), nothing happens when that combat action is rolled. You got lucky!