1 . Place the Actions Sheet (B), Time/Monster Tracker (F) and Effort/Resource Tracker (A) — in front of you, forming your display. Place a token on the icon of your time tracker, to indicate “7” Time.

2. Place a token to indicate “13” Small Effort on your resource bar. Place additional tokens to indicate “0” of each other

resource (including Medium and Large Effort).

3. Select a character to play and place that Character Sheet (H) in your Display. Put the remaining Character Sheets back in the box. Place a token on the on your Character Sheet’s ability bar.

4. Find the Bare Hands Weapon Sheet (E) and place it in your display. Set the remaining Weapon Sheets in a face-up stack off to the side.

5. Shuffle the deck of Encounter Cards (D) and the deck of Skill Cards (C) separately and place them face down, with space next to each for a discard pile. Set the Condition Cards (G) in a face-up deck, without shuffling.