Trickery Step


If this Level’s monster has not yet been revealed, reveal it now. Roll a six-sided die. Pick the monster marked with the number you have rolled from the monster sheets of the level that you are on. Place the Monster Sheet next to your Display — this is the monster you will fight.

Reset the token on your Time Tracker to the space with the Level icon corresponding to the next Level. If this is the final (Level IV) monster — remove the token from the Time Tracker. You have reached the final challenge of your journey.

You may now choose to trick the monster, avoiding combat entirely, if you can pay the Trickery Cost, which is listed on the monster sheet. Some monsters do not have a Trickery Cost and cannot be tricked.

If you pay the Trickery Cost, proceed to the Hunger Step. You do not receive any rewards if you bypass the monster this way. If you choose to fight the monster, continue to the Battle Step.