Set up for a 2-player game with the following changes:

A. Choose 1 Player Mat to be the Rival Ranch (note that each offers a unique challenge). Flip it to the Rival Ranch side, and place it near your own Player Mat

B. Place the 3 Resource Tokens next to the Rival Ranch Mat’s resource track so that they are at “0.“

C. Shuffle the 8 Rival Rancher Cards into a face-down deck next to the Rival Ranch Mat.

D. Place the Rival’s Lead Rancher onto the 4th round space on the Round Track next to your own extra Rancher. Set aside two of the Rival's regular Ranchers for final scoring and return the rest to the box.

E. Give the First Player Marker to the Rival Ranch. Take a Private Contract Card, as usual, but do not deal any to the Rival.