Tiny Epic Dinosaurs

Barriers and First Player Marker


Immediately gain Barriers in the amount shown and place them into your Holding Area. When gaining the First Player Marker, immediately take it from the player who has it. If you already have it, you simply keep it.

Move a Dinosaur from Holding Area:

Immediately move 1 Dinosaur from your Holding Area into your Ranch. At this time, it does not matter if it is outside of an Enclosure, or in an Enclosure with a different species.

Rearrange Barriers:

You may immediately move 1, or more, Barriers from your Ranch into your Holding Area. It does not matter, at this time, if this causes Dinosaurs to be in open Enclosures or if different species are enclosed together.

If a space has 2 actions, you must perform at least one of the actions, but you may perform both, in either order.