Tiny Epic Dinosaurs

Phase 7: Refresh for Next Round


1. Draw Public Contract Cards to fill the Contract row up to the number of players +1.

2. Discard all face-up Research Cards in the row to the Research Mat's “Discard Pile“ and then draw 3 new cards, placing them face-up in the row. If the Research Deck is ever empty, shuffle the discard pile to form a new draw deck.

3. Advance the Round Marker forward one space. It is now the 1st phase of the next round, and for the 2nd phase the player with the First Player Marker assigns their first Rancher. Play continues as it did in the previous round.

Round 4: New Rancher and Private Contract

When the Round Marker reaches the “Round 4“ space, all players take their new Rancher and add it to the Ranchers area on their Player Mat. All players also draw and keep one new Private Contract Card to add to their hand.

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