Free Range Dinos:

Immediately gain 1 of the regular Dinosaur (see the list on the right), and place it into the Holding Area of your Player Mat.

Then roll the Wrangler Die and resolve its result, as explained below.

For this action, you always get at least 1 Dinosaur, no matter what symbol is rolled.

Net: No additional effect.

Egg: Immediately gain a second Dinosaur of the same species.

Wound: Move your Rancher(s) and the Dinosaur you gain from this action space to your color section in Medical Leave on the Round Mat.

Placing your Rancher and the new Dinosaur in Medical Leave.

Dino Market:

Immediately gain 1 of ANY regular (non-unique) Dinosaur or one of the Dinosaurs listed, depending on the space. Pay the listed cost and place the Dinosaur into your Holding Area. You do not roll the Wrangler Die.