Tiny Epic Dinosaurs

Rival Ranch Actions


Resources: The Rival gains the resources shown. Advance its resource marker(s) on its track.

Dinosaurs: The Rival gains the Dinosaur(s) shown. Add the Dinosaur(s) to open Enclosures in the column(s) matching the dinosaur type(s). If there are no open spaces in the column(s), perform the Rival Special Action instead.

Stealing: The Rival steals the listed item from you. Reduce your resource and increase its, or move Dinosaur(s) from your Ranch and place them into its. If you do not have the listed item, then the Rival does not gain that item. If there are no open spaces remaining for a stolen Dinosaur, perform the Rival Special Action for that mat.

First Player Marker: The Rival takes the marker from you. If it already has it, nothing happens.

Research Card: Draw 3 new Research Cards and add them into the row. The Rival takes the highest victory point card from the entire row. If there is a tie for the highest, it takes the tied card closest to the deck. Add this card to the Rival’s play area. The Rival gains no special benefit from abilities or unique Dinosaurs on the card, just victory points. The Rival will never take -value cards.

Resource Max Actions

When the Rival gains resources and its token reaches the maximum amount of “13“, the Resource Max Action is immediately triggered. If multiple resources are maxed, the actions resolve in the following order: is resolved first, then second, and then last.

After a Resource Max Action is resolved, the token is reset to 0 and any remainder of resources over 13 is lost.