Tiny Epic Dinosaurs

3. Check for Fullfilled Contracts


Now check the row of Public Contract Cards, one by one going from left to right, to see if the Rival has Dinosaurs in its Ranch to fulfill a Contract. If it does, discard the necessary Dinosaurs from top to bottom and then add that Contract to the Rival’s play area. The Rival can only fulfill 1 Contract per turn in this phase, even if it has the resources to fulfill more.

Other Round Phases

The Rival never participates in phases to collect resources or rearrange its Ranch, nor does it feed or breed its Dinosaurs. At the end of the round during the 7th phase, shift all Public Contracts to the left to fill in empty spaces, drawing new cards to the right of existing cards. Discard all Research Cards in the row and draw 3 new cards like normal. Also collect all of the Rival Rancher Cards to reform the deck.

Round 4: A Fifth Rival Rancher Card

Starting in the 4th round, the Rival gains its Lead Rancher. Place the Lead Rancher near the play area where the facedown Rival Rancher Cards are dealt at the start of each round. This signifies that a fifth Rival Rancher card is dealt and the Rival now takes 5 turns! The Rival, however, is not dealt a Private Contract Card like you are.