Tiny Epic Dinosaurs

Phase 6: Breed Dinosaurs


Dinosaurs that were fed in the 5th phase now breed. Every 2 regular Dinosaurs of the SAME species and in the SAME Enclosure will breed 1 Dinosaur of that species. Dinosaurs that are not in an Enclosure cannot breed.

In the example to the right, this Enclosure with 3 Stegosauruses will only breed 1 newborn Stegosaurus.

Any newborn Dinosaurs are taken from the supply and must immediately be placed into your Ranch. They must be placed into an Enclosure, but it does not have to be with its “parents.“ Newborn Dinosaurs can be placed in any order and cannot breed the round they are born. If your Ranch does not have room for a newborn Dinosaur, it immediately Escapes.

Limited Regular Dinosaurs:

If the supply of a species of regular Dinosaurs is zero, you cannot take more of that Dinosaur. Any effect that results in you gaining that species is canceled. If there is not enough to supply all players during the 6th phase, each eligible player takes one at a time, in order, starting with the first player until they are gone.