1. Place the 4 Action Mats in a row in the middle of the table in alphabetical order from 'A' to 'D.' These mats are double sided, so select the side that lists the appropriate number of players in the game (noted at the top left of each mat).

2. Place the Round Mat to the left of the row of Action Mats and the Round Marker (coffee cup) on the “1“ space of the round track.

3. Give each player the following:

A. 1 Ranch Mat and 1 Player Mat:

Choose which side of the Ranch Mat you want to use, and place it in front of you. Place the Player Mat, Player-side up, next to your Ranch.

B. 4 Ranchers and 1 Lead Rancher in their chosen color. Players then place 3 of those Ranchers and the Lead Rancher onto their Player Mat in the Ranchers area (i). Place the final Rancher on the “4“ space of the Round Mat's track labeled “Gain a New Rancher....“ (ii).

C. 1 Plant, 1 Meat, and 1 Supply Marker. Players then place these to the left of their Player Mat's resource track. When a marker is off the mat, its value is “0.“

4. Place the Contract Mat above the Action Mats. Then, separate the Public Contract Cards and Private Contract Cards into their own decks (based on their card backs):

D. Shuffle and place the Public Contract Deck face-down on the space labeled “Public Contracts“ on the Contract Mat. Deal cards from the deck into a face-up row to the mat's right, equaling the number of players +1.

E. Shuffle and deal 2 Private Contract Cards face-down to each player. Players then select 1 Private Contract to keep (i), and return the other to the Private Contract Deck. Shuffle the deck and place it face-down on the space labeled “Private Contracts“ on the Contract Mat (ii). Players should keep each Private Contract Card secret until it is fulfilled.

5. Place the Research Mat below the Action Mats. Then shuffle the Research Cards into a face-down deck on the space labeled “Research“ on the Research Mat. Deal 3 cards from the deck, face-up, into a row to the right.

6. Place the 5 colors of Dinosaurs (i), sorted by color, and the Barriers (ii) so they are easily reached by all players. Place the Wrangler Die (iii) near Action Mat “A“.

7. Give the First Player Marker to the last person to visit a natural history museum, or determine first player using your own method. In addition, give these starting bonuses* to other players clockwise from the first player:

Place the second player's Plant Marker( ) on “1.“

Place the third player's Meat Marker ( ) on “1.“

Place the fourth player's Supply Marker ( ) on “1.“

*If there is a lower player count, only gain bonuses up to the number of players.