Tiny Epic Dinosaurs

Phase 4: Arrange Ranch


Players simultaneously place their Barriers and Dinosaurs from their Holding Areas into their Ranches:

Barriers can only be placed on the dotted lines.

Barriers that were placed in earlier Rounds cannot be moved.

All Dinosaurs in a Ranch may be moved around as needed.

Regular Dinosaurs MUST be placed inside Enclosures or else they will Escape.


Enclosures are Ranch spaces surrounded on all sides by any combination of Barriers, Mountains, and Water. Each Ranch starts with one permanent Enclosure. An Enclosure may be as small as one space or incorporate many adjacent spaces, as long as it is surrounded on all sides. An Enclosure with many Ranch spaces can hold many Dinosaurs of a single species with at most 1 Dinosaur per space.

Unique Dinosaurs (those gained through Research) DO NOT have to be placed into an Enclosure and can be placed in an open area of the Ranch with other Unique Dinosaurs. Unique Dinosaurs cannot be Enclosed with any other Dinosaur.

If you cannot place a regular Dinosaur into your Ranch, it Escapes!