Move your Marker forward on the Work track by a number of spaces equal (or inferior) to the value of the action, and receive a number of Coins equal to the value of the Action. Take the Coins from the common pool and add them to your personal supply.

If you have already reached the last space on the Work track you can still perform the Work action to receive Coins without moving your Marker.

In order to activate the effects of a Special space on the track, your Marker must end its movement in that exact space.

If, in order to finish your movement on one of the special spaces and apply its effects, you choose to move your Marker by a value which is lower than the total number of symbols visible on your desk, you can only receive a number of Coins equal to the number of moves your Marker makes.

In order to move your Marker into the Objective space at the end of the track, you must meet the requirement depicted next to it.

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