Master Cards


Each Master has a special power and gives Victory Points at the end of the game. Master Cards can be gained in one of four ways:

- If one of your Students finishes its movement on the Master space at the end of a path on the Technology track.

- If your Marker finishes its movement on the Master space on the Work track.

- By placing a Travel cube on the Master space on the Map.

- By placing your 9th Bookshelf tile.

Once a Master card is gained, it is immediately played for its benefit- Master Cards cannot be kept or saved for later. When you play a Master card, place it next to your Study board. If there is an immediate effect, shown by the lightning symbol, perform the effect immediately. If the immediate effect is a Basic Action you must perform the action using the value shown (or an
inferior value). You cannot add symbols of the same type visible on your desk, nor can you spend 2 coins to increase its value.

There are 20 Master Cards in the game.