Move ONE of your Students forward on the Technology track by a number of spaces equal (or inferior to) the value of the action. The technology track starts in one space but then splits into different paths. When you move your Student from the starting space and each time that you find yourself at a fork in the road you will have to choose which path you wish to take.

The 6 final spaces on the track are marked with a double-line, indicating they can move no further down this track.

Your Students can only move forwards. They cannot turn back down a path.

You cannot move more than one Student in the same action, that is, you cannot split the value of an action between Students. If you do not have any Students on the track or on the starting space you cannot perform a Technology action.

When your Student passes over a Bonus token, take it and activate its effect. In order to activate the effects of a special space on the track your Student must end its movement in that exact space.

In order to move your Student into the Objective space (at the end of 4 of the paths) you must meet the requirement depicted next to it.

There cannot be more than one Student of the same color on the last space of a path. However, there is no limit to the number of Students that can occupy the same space along the path.