Study Boards


The study boards are individual player boards, comprising of two sections, the bookshelf and the desk.

Bookshelf - As your Scientist learns more and more by studying at different places, they can place book tokens in the bookshelf, gaining bonus points for completing rows and columns. When you take the third Bookshelf tile from a pile you
immediately receive a bonus (1 Potion token/4 Coins/1 Master card/8 Victory Points).

Desk - Your desk is where played Action cards will go before you take their associated actions. The desk is cleared at the end of every round.

The bookshelf on your Study board is composed of book spaces (squares) distributed over 3 shelves (on horizontal lines), Each of which has a different value (1/2/3 Study symbols). Each book space shows a requirement (see below). The spaces on the bookshelf showing a windowpane divide the rows and columns of book spaces. The bookshelf tile printed in the bottom left-hand corner of the bookshelf is considered already placed. When all the adjacent book spaces in a row or column have been filled, you have made a scientific discovery, and can receive its income in Victory Points according to the number indicated by the arrow. At the bottom of the bookshelf there are 5 spaces for Income or Medicine Income tiles.

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