Objective Tiles


Objective tiles enable you to receive Victory Points (VP) at the end of the game by meeting the conditions shown. There are Objective tiles on the Map, at the end of the Work track and at the end of 4 paths on the Technology track.

In order to activate an Objective space (on the Map or at the end of a track) you must meet the requirement of having the 4 Volumes shown next to the space. Whenever you have to meet a requirement, you can spend Potion tokens in order to meet that requirement more easily.

If you arrive at an Objective tile with a piece in your color (a Travel cube, a Marker, a Student), you activate that Objective: at the end of the game you will receive

Victory Points according to the conditions shown on the tile.

There are 10 in the box, but only 6 are used in any given game.

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