If the players can defeat enough Villains before Thanos has collected all six Infinity Stones, they win the game!

For an easy game, players must defeat seven out of the ten Villains in the Asset deck, but can scale up difficulty by trying to defeat more.

Players can lose the game in a few different ways, as follows:

• If Thanos collects all six Infinity Stones, all players lose the game. He has mastered control of the Infinity Gauntlet and wreaks havoc on the very fabric of reality!

• If collectively ten (or more) Heroes are defeated, all players lose, as they have taken too many losses to successfully mount a coordinated attack on Thanos.

• If any one player has all the Heroes on their team defeated, all players lose, as Thanos has eliminated one of the team’s key Bases of Operation.

Note: If players were to both win and lose the game at the same time (for example: Thanos collects the sixth Infinity Stone AND the final Villain is defeated) the players win!