Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War

2) Roll Infinity Stone and Thanos Dice


The active player then rolls the Infinity Stone and Thanos Dice, and resolves their effects (in that order), indicating Thanos’ schemes and actions.

The Infinity Stone Die represents Thanos increasing control over the Infinity Stones. This is indicated by adding a counter to the Infinity Stone Card matching the color of the die roll.

The Thanos Die represents Thanos’ actions to rally his villainous followers and attack the Heroes that are threatening his plans.

The possibilities for the Thanos Die include changing the sector that Thanos faces, either clockwise or counter-clockwise (and subsequently attacking Heroes there); or forcing an additional roll of the Infinity Stone Die; or triggering the abilities of all Villains NOT in Thanos’ current sector.

Thanos always attacks each Hero in the sector he is facing after the Thanos Die is resolved. If the active player’s Team Deployment Token is in that sector, Thanos will also attack each Hero on the active player’s team, since they are present in that sector!

Thanos’ attack is resolved by adding one Damage Counter to all Heroes in that sector.

After resolving the Thanos Die, Villains in Thanos’ resulting sector will then ALSO have their abilities triggered.