The active player collects and rolls their Power Dice pool (the four dice indicated on their Team Base Card plus any extra dice from Hero abilities and/or Bonus Tokens).

The Power Dice have different combinations of symbols representing the Hero powers (Battle , Technology , Mystic , and Cosmic ). Dice rolled will be assigned to Asset Cards in order to either recruit Heroes, defeat Villains, or activate some Hero abilities.

The active player consults the results of their opening Power Dice roll, (first checking to see if their team ability triggered). They must now assign one or more dice to match symbols on one of the Assets in their sector. The goal is to either recruit a Hero and/or attack a Villain. They must assign at least one die to match a symbol on a card, and can only assign to one (and only one) of the Assets in their sector with each roll.

Once assigned, dice cannot be moved or re-rolled for the turn.

If a player cannot assign a die to a card in their sector, they must select and forfeit one die from their dice pool (for the turn). It is always advisable to try to assign a die to match at least one symbol.

After assigning (or forfeiting) at least one die, the active player rolls the remaining dice in their pool, attempting to match other symbols. Usually, they will want it to be the same card they assigned dice to for their first roll, but can choose any Asset in their sector.

If dice can be assigned to meet the requirements for ALL symbols on a card, that Asset will either be recruited (Heroes) or damaged (Villains) at the end of the turn.

The active player continues to roll and assign (or forfeit) dice until there are no dice remaining in their pool, or it becomes impossible to successfully assign enough dice to meet the requirements of a card in that sector, and proceeds to the final step of their turn.