Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War

4) Recruit Heroes and damage to Villains


After assigning (or forfeiting) all the dice in their pool, the active player completes their turn by resolving the following phases, in this order:

(A) Activate the abilities of Heroes on their team that have dice assigned to them.

(B) Add any successfully recruited Heroes (with Power Dice assigned to match ALL their symbols) to their team, removing ALL Damage Counters from the recruited Heroes.

(C) Add a Damage Counter to each Villain successfully attacked (with Power Dice assigned to match ALL their symbols). Then, gain a Bonus Token for each Damage Counter added to a Villain. This includes assigning dice as well as other Hero and Team abilities.

Note: The active player may NOT use the abilities of Heroes and Bonus Tokens on the turn they are recruited or gained.