The Asset Card deck includes Villains like the General Outriders and the Children of Thanos, working throughout the universe to help enact Thanos’ evil plans.

After resolving the Thanos and Infinity Stone Dice, the Villains’ abilities will be triggered if Thanos is present in (facing) their sector.

To defeat Villains, they must be attacked by assigning Power Dice to match the symbols shown, adding one Damage Counter for a set of matching Power Dice symbols.

NOTE: Only one Damage Counter may be added to each Villain per turn by assigning dice (unless a player has a special Hero or Team ability).

Example: Villain has 3 Damage on their card and is now defeated.

Additionally, for each Damage Counter added to a Villain, the active player draws a Bonus Token as a reward. When Damage Counters are added to a Villain to fill its capacity, it is defeated and discarded at the end of turn.

Set defeated Villains aside to keep track of progress towards victory.