3.1 Without changing their order, place all the cards that you played this turn on top of your Base. The last card you played should be the new top card, and is now your Leader. Make sure that all the cards in your Base are placed so that players can see their color and level at all times.

3.2 If there are more than 7 Mercenaries in your Base, remove Mercenaries from the bottom of your Base (the ones that have been there the longest) from the game, placing them back in the box. Do this one by one until 7 cards remain. Remember that the cards in your Base need to be stacked in such a way as to always show the level of the Mercenaries present.

3.3 Refill the empty spaces in the Mercenary Docks and the Mines with the appropriate Mercenary cards and Crystal Tokens. If, during this step, any of the stacks of Mercenary cards or Crystal Tokens run out, move the Cave-In token 1 space to the right along the Cave-In track for each stack that ran out this turn. Do not move the Cave-In Token for stacks that were empty at the start of this turn, only ones which became empty during this turn.

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