Star Scrappers: Cave-In

Using a Mercenary Skill (Action Phase)


You can play a single Mercenary card from your hand to use the special skill of that card.

Note: The special skill of a Mercenary only applies when it is played specifically using this action. If a Mercenary card is played for Recruiting/Mining/Collecting, its special skill does not activate. The exception to this is Leaders: their skill may be used during your Starting phase.

Example: Mark plays the Terron Foreman (a level 2 brown card) as his first action and uses its special skill. This allows him to reduce the level of Mercenary cards by 2 when Recruiting this turn.

He then recruits a level 4 Mercenary with his second action, using only a level 1 Mercenary card – the Terron Foreman’s skill has reduced the level of the recruited card from 4 to 2, therefore Mark only needs to play a Mercenary of level 1.


Subjugation is a special skill unique to the Biosses. It allows you to Subjugate a Mercenary from the location specified on the Bioss card.

When you Subjugate a Mercenary, put that card face down in your play area.

Note: Leaders cannot be Subjugated.

Subjugated cards cannot be used for the rest of the game. However, when the game ends add the sum of the levels of all your subjugated cards to your Victory Point total.

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