Star Scrappers: Cave-In

Raiding a Base (Action Phase)


Instead of taking two actions, you can instead Raid any player’s Base, including your own.

First, choose a Base to Raid. The owner of that Base immediately returns the Leader (the top card) of their Base to their hand (even if that takes them over the hand limit). You then take the Faction Totem of the same color as that Leader from whoever has it (if you already possess the Faction Totem of that color, you keep it). Then, you take cards from the top of the Base you raided, until either all the cards in the Base are gone, or you reach the limit of 7 cards in your hand.

Note: You can still Raid a Base even if you are at your hand limit. You do not get to take any cards from the Base (unless Raiding your own Base, when you get your Leader back), but you still get the Faction Totem matching the color of the returned Leader.

Note: If your Leader’s skill allows you to perform an additional action, and you choose to Raid a Base, the action of the Leader can still be taken, either before or after raiding the Base.

Example: Kate has two cards in hand and decides to Raid Mark’s base, which contains 7 cards. Mark first returns his Leader to his hand. This was a yellow card, so Kate takes the yellow Faction Totem. Then, Kate takes the 5 top cards of Mark’s Base (up to her hand limit of 7). Mark’s Base now has a new Leader, the one card remaining in the Base.

Note: You can never take the Leader (the top card) of an enemy Base because as soon as you Raid it, the Leader is returned to the hand of the owner of the Base. However, if you Raid your own Base, you do return your Leader back to your hand.