Star Scrappers: Cave-In

Action Phase Overview


You can perform 2 out of 4 possible actions


You can forfeit your 2 actions to Raid a Base, and possibly Steal a Totem.

Possible actions:

1. Recruit a Mercenary

2. Mine a Crystal

3. Collect an Artifact

4. Use a Mercenary’s special skill

The actions you choose must be different.

When you play cards, place them face up in your play area; do not put them in your Base just yet. Place them on top of each other in the order in which you played them. The order of the cards played is important as they will go into your Base in the same order.

When more than one card is played in a single action, you may play them in any order you choose. All played cards will be put into your Base during the Clean-up phase.