Sapling (level 1): Take a green Crystal with a cost of 1 from the Mine. This action does not count as mining, therefore it does not interact with other skills or Artifacts that affect the Mine action.

Stalkroot (level 2): Your Weedlock cards can be used as any color when mining.

Seeder (level 3): This turn, the level of your Weedlock cards is doubled when you play them to Mine, Recruit, or Collectan Artifact. For example, a Sapling is still a level 1 card in your hand, but if you play it to Recruit, it counts as a level 2 card.

Mandragore (level 4): You may take 1 Weedlock from each Base (including your own), or choose any one Base (including your own) and take 2 Weedlocks from it. Place taken Weedlocks into your hand. Hand limit applies.