Cyberwitch (level 1): Take a red Crystal with a cost of 1 from the Mine. This action does not count as mining, therefore it does not interact with other skills or Artifacts that affect the Mine action.

Mindwasp (level 2): Subjugate one of the lowestlevel Mercenaries (player’s choice) from your Base. Leaders cannot be subjugated (excluding the Leader) from your Base. For example, if you have 2 cards in your Base, a level 3 Mercenary on the bottom and a level 1 Leader on top, you Subjugate the level 3 card because Leaders cannot be Subjugated.

Custodian (level 3): For each 2 subjugated Mercenaries lower the Crystal mining cost by 1.

Domina (level 4): Subjugate up to three level 1 Mercenaries from your hand. For each one you Subjugate, take a Crystal of cost 1 from the Mine.