Star Scrappers: Cave-In

Collecting an Artifact (Action Phase)


You can Collect one of the Artifacts currently on top of one of the stacks. To Collect an Artifact, you must play any number of Mercenary cards of any colors with levels that sum to a value equal to, or higher than, the cost of the Artifact. The colors of the cards being played do not matter, and can be different.

Example: You play 4 Mercenary cards with levels of 4, 2, 1, and 1, and collect an Artifact card with a cost of 8.

Each Artifact card actually has two Artifacts on it. When you Collect the Artifact card, choose one of the two Artifacts and tuck the card half under your Command card so that it only reveals the Artifact you have chosen. This decision must be made at the moment you Collect the Artifact and cannot be changed later.

Example: You have 3 Artifacts in total, 2 on the left, and 1 on the right.

After you Collect an Artifact from one of the stacks, the Artifact card below it becomes immediately available for collection.

CAVE-IN: When an Artifact stack is empty, i.e. if you have just taken the fourth Artifact from a stack, move the Cave-In token one step to the right along the Cave-In track.