Step 2: Resolve Mission Cards


Next, you must resolve the mission cards, resolving the actions of the cards under the moon symbol on the card.

As a group, the players must resolve exactly 1 action shown on each mission card. There is always a negative action on each mission card, which in most cases places a skull.

Because mission cards are resolved collectively, the players can decide which player will pay costs, such as tool tokens.

! Mission cards cannot be ignored, and remain in play even after the action is resolved, unless otherwise noted. This means you must resolve the mission cards during each night phase.

Example: Resolving Mission Cards

For the “Bountiful Prey” mission card, there is not enough food in the camp to resolve the action on the left. Therefore, you must resolve the other action, placing a skull token on the night board.

For the “A New World” mission card, you decide to pay a tent token. Because you were able to find shelter by resolving the action on the left, you do not resolve the other action, and do not place a skull.