Your group can gain more abilities through tool tokens. You often gain tools through crafting ideas. However, pelts, roots, and similar items are also treated as tools. You cannot trade tools with other players.

This arrow means you must spend this tool token to use its ability. Tool tokens without this symbol are not spent; you can use their abilities multiple times.

! These tools do not give you abilities, but have special effects.

TALISMAN: Ignore a faceup danger card. Unlike other effects, you can use the Talisman after a die roll.

TENT: The Tent has no inherent effect, but other cards may require it.

PELT: You can spend the Pelt to prevent damage.

CLOTHING: You can spend Clothing to prevent damage.

RAFT: You need the Raft in module H.

ROOTS: Return the Root before or after an action to heal up to 3 damage.