Step 1: Choose a Card


Step 1

Choose a Card

You must choose 1 of the top 3 cards from the top of your deck, based solely on the card backs. Place the chosen card facedown in front of you. This card is the location your group will explore this turn.

Return the 2 cards you did not choose to the top of your deck without rearranging them.

Example of choosing a card:

! You can look at the backs of all the cards in your deck at any time. However, you cannot rearrange the cards.

Instead of choosing a card, you may choose to discard all of the cards in your deck facedown with no effect. This is also referred to as “going to sleep early.”

Going to sleep early can be a good idea if you have already made good progress during the day, but there are a lot of cards with red backs remaining in your deck.

You can still choose 1 card even if there are fewer than 3 cards remaining in your deck.