Module I (Attack of the White Hands)


Includes 11 cards – Difficulty: Hard

Only our strongest warriors are able to protect our village.

• Mission card I

• Secret cards 6 & 9

• 2 dice

Additional Setup

Before each player receives their starting humans, remove the 4 “Warrior” cards from the human deck and place them faceup as a deck at the waiting space.

Additional Rules

You cannot use the 4 warriors the same way as other humans. You can use them only when cards from Module I damage or heal the topmost “Warrior” of the deck.

• As normal, a warrior dies as soon as they suffer 3 damage. Excess damage is ignored. As soon as the top warrior dies, place their card in the graveyard and take a skull token.

• You cannot use tools or other abilities for the warriors, and you cannot prevent damage to them using pelts.

• The warriors are not part of any group. You do not need to feed them.