HUMANS: Draw 1 facedown human card from the deck on the camp board and place it faceup in your group. If that human brings a tool with them, take that tool from the supply and place it with your group.

REMOVE A HUMAN CARD: You must place a human in the graveyard and take a skull.

DREAMS: Draw 1 facedown card from the dream deck on the camp board. Without looking at it, place it on top of your deck. These cards remain in your deck, unless otherwise noted.

Through your dreams, you can find animals, special places, or new courage.

IDEAS: Draw 1 facedown card from the idea deck on the camp board and place it faceup in an open space on the workbench. If no open spaces are available, you must remove an idea card (other than the one you just drew) and place it in the graveyard.

• Some ideas allow you to craft new tools. In this case, place the tool tokens from the supply in the slot in front of the idea card.

SECRETS: Search the secret deck on the night board for the secret card with the corresponding number. Reveal it and read it aloud to the other players. If this secret card was previously revealed, and is no longer on the night board, you cannot resolve it again.

• These cards offer new actions. Therefore, a player may need to resolve several cards in one turn.

• If a player helped you draw the secret card, they can also help you with the secret.

• Once resolved, place the secret card in the discard pile as usual, unless otherwise noted.

IGNORE A DANGER CARD: Ignore your faceup danger card and place it in the discard pile with no consequences.