Card Setup


Depending on the modules you use, you will need different cards. Below is a summary of which cards are placed where during setup, and how to sort the cards. The secret, mission, and idea cards are always placed on the same spaces. All remaining cards from the module are shuffled together with the base set (1) as described in the game setup.

! Secret, mission, and idea cards are never shuffled in, and will never be in your individual deck at the beginning of the game.


The modules have different secret cards, which you will need to separate out of the secret deck. Secret cards are never shuffled in with the other cards. You can identify individual secret cards based on the numbers on the card backs. Place the secret cards required for the scenario facedown as a deck on the night board.

When playing custom module combinations, it is possible for 2 modules to call for the same secret cards. This is not a problem, but during gameplay you will be able to receive each secret only once.

Mission Cards

Each module contains 1 mission card. Place it faceup at on the sunset space on the night board.


Place cards with this symbol here faceup. In the event that you need to place more than 4 cards, place any additional cards below.

Idea Cards

Some modules start with different ideas already available for use at the beginning of the game. These idea cards are included in their respective module, and need to be removed.

Add the cards faceup to the workbench, and place the matching tool tokens in the slot in front of them.


Modules marked with the dice symbol require both dice. Place them next to the workbench.