Ever round players around the board will take turns Clockwise:

1) Collect the resources and Personality cards listed on your House sheet.

2) Moving problems already on the board to the right (closer to eruption).

3) Adding a new Problem to the board.

4) Then you may either attempt to solve a Problem, or instead pass to collect another resource or draw another card.

Solving a Problem earns the Lord Ruler’s Favor, which is (usually) the way to win the game. The
best deals earn you great Favor at little cost to you. Contribute a few resources for the lion’s share of the credit and you may find yourself standing at the Lord Ruler’s side in no time.

Problems ignored for too long erupt, often resulting in Disgrace or other consequences for one or more Houses. Manipulating Disgrace is powerful. Laying the blame for failure at another House’s doorstep can mean the difference between ultimate victory and bitter defeat — unless of course the Final Empire collapses. Then the Lord Ruler falls and you want to be as far away from him as possible.

The game continues until the Final Empire crumbles under the weight of growing Unrest or the story naturally ends with the arrival of Vin, the heroine of the Mistborn novel trilogy. Vin is one of the Problems facing the Empire, and failing to solve this Problem — allowing the events of The Final Empire to unfold as written — causes great Unrest. This can easily tip the empire into collapse and end the Lord Ruler’s reign.